Mark Forbis (Piano)
Mark is an acquisitions specialist at the Iowa State University Library. He  performs for many musical shows around central Iowa, and is a creative director for the annual Heartland Variety Show in Ames, IA.
Lisa Merritt (Vocals, Violin)
Lisa is a small business owner and a classically trained vocalist and a stage actress. She is an accomplished musician on many instruments; violin, viola, guitar, and piano. She recently began playing string bass in the trad jazz style.
Steve Hurst (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin)
Steve H. is a computer programmer at Data Business Equipment in Des Moines and Iowa State Fair prize winner on guitar and mandolin.
Sharon Brewer (Reeds)
Sharon is an accomplished musician at many instruments; soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, flute, and piano. She is founder and leader of the band, Brewer Project.
Julie G. Minot (Trombone)
Julie works at Iowa State University in the area of intellectual property development. She is an accomplished stage actress and a gifted trombone player.
Jean Olson (Tuba)
John Basart (Drums)
John is a retired ISU faculty member from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He remains active in university research and still guides graduate students in their thesis research. John's hobbies include woodworking, video editing, and audio editing. John has been playing jazz drums since the early 1990s.
Steve Russell (Trumpet, Trombone)
Steve R. is a retired ISU faculty member from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and has extensive experience playing New Orleans style traditional jazz. Steve enjoys playing classical music on trumpet and euphonium and swing music on trombone. He is the founder and leader of the band.


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